CSBL - NEWS - 2017-2018 SEASON

CSBL Players- Winners in the 2017 Vermont Senior Games:

Gold Medals in the 55-59 Age Group - Rick Scheibner, Dave Goyette, Henry Gagnon, & Alan Kortokrax
Silver Medals in the 66-70 group - Ed Cole, Geoff Coufal, Dave Kaminsky, Andy George, & Jerry Wall

Silver Medals in the 70-74 group - Angelo Tarantino, Greg Wilson, Mike Daggett, Dick Vosko, & Joe Walters

CSBL - NEWS - 2016-2017 SEASON

CSBL Players- Winners in the 2016 Vermont Senior Games:


Wayne Kristel, Ken Kleinhaus, Howard Dewey, Barry Wang

Also winning Medals were Tom Sinopoli and former CSBL player Pete Barbagaleta

CSBL - NEWS - 2015-2016 SEASON

CSBL Players donate basketballs to Schenectady YMCA

CSBL players from the Monday morning group donated basketballs to the Schenectady YMCA. The gift was much appreciated by the Y. We at CSBL are happy to acknowledge this show of community support.

CSBL players at the presentation were: Angeleo Tarantino, Ed Dassatti, Tom Cortese, Bill Fluty, Jim Carroll, Dick Vosko, Rich Lewis and Wayne Kristel.

CSBL team wins Silver Medal at the National Senior Games!

L to R - Geoff Coufal, Joe Walters, Ed Dassatti, Angelo Tarantino, Greg Wilson, and Don Gordon

CSBL players capture Gold in Connecticut

From Greg Wilson:
We won the Gold. Highlight of the Games: Defeating a Connecticut team for the first time in six tries. Ed Dassatti made a shot with one second left to win the game by 1. Angelo Tarantino and Don Gordon's outside scoring propelled us to a win over an Andy George Team in our first game. Bill Gay helped coach us in all the wins.
L to R - Greg Wilson, Ed Dassatti, Bill Gay, Don Grodon, and Angelo Tarantino

CSBL - NEWS - 2014-2015 SEASON

Mike Billman sends sample logos for CSBL

After years without an "offical logo," Mike has provided some interesting and professional samples of possible CSBL logos. Take a look and let your captains and CSBL board members know what you think!

NEW!!! More designs showing our "CSBL" and full name

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Times Union story about the CSBL - Dated December 7, 2000

Our Photo Gallery has added a well written article about us that appeared in the Times Union in December 2000.
Thank you Bill Gay and Angelo Tarantino for sharing.
Click here to view

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Here are the results of the CSBL's participation in the Vermont Senior Games.

On Friday September 26th, 23 current or former members of the CSBL travelled to Castleton State College to participate in the Vermont Senior Games. All 23 players returned with either a Gold or Silver Medal!

In the 55-59 age group, Tom Ginnelly's squad, consisting of Tom, Dave Goyette, Henry Gagnon, Scott Franco, Mike Dorr and Pete Reed won Silver medals against some very stiff competition.

In the 60-64 age group, Andy George's team of Andy, Angel Rodriguez, Jerry Wall, Geoff Coufal and Bill Tureby garnered the Gold medal.

Andy also had a game-winning, last second, rolling around the rim shot in a thrilling game against Greg Wilson's team.

Greg's team won the silver medal in the 65-69 group with their team consisting of Greg, Angelo Tarantino, Ed Dassati, and Don Gordon.

In the 70-74 competition, Wayne Kristal, along with Dick Vosko, Mike Daggett, Joe Walters, and Tom Sinopoli won the silver medal, losing to a Massachusetts team that included former CSBL standouts Dan Hier and Howard Dewey that enabled those two to take home gold medals.

And finally, Jim Thompson joined a Vermont team in the 75-79 age group that won the gold medal.

Jerry Wall

- - Scroll down for photographs:

55-59 - Silver Medal
Tom Ginnelly, Scott Franco, Henry Gagnon, Pete Reed, Mike Dorr, Dave Goyette

60-64 - Gold Medal - Front: Angel Rodriguez, Geoff Coufal, Standing: Jerry Wall, Bill Tureby, Andy George

65-69 - Silver Medal - L to R: Angelo Taratino, Greg Wilson, Don Gordon, Ed Dassati

70-74 - Silver Medal - L to R: Mike Daggett, Joe Walters, Dick Vosko, Tom Sinopoli Wayne Kristel

Dan Hier(left) and Howard Dewey, Gold Medal

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CSBL - NEWS - 2013-2014 SEASON

CSBL Board Vacancy

There is a vacancy on the Board of Directors. The Board wll elect a new member at our meeting on May 30th.

If you are interested in serving on the board, please fill out the attached questionaire and return to Rick Diblasi (rickdilasi@gmail.com) or Jim Thompson (JTCOLONIE@aol.com)



Thank you letter from the Oliphant Family to CSBL

From the Albany Times Union, April 20, 2014
"On one good leg, player stands Tallest" Our Bob Gregware

Bob Gregware woke up at 3 a.m., hours before his usual early Saturday morning workout at the Lansingburgh Boys and Girls Club, the place where he fell in love with basketball as a kid.

His nerves were getting to him.

Later that afternoon, he was going to play in the Colonie Senior Basketball League for men 50 and older. He hadn't been out on the floor with those guys in about two years, since complications from diabetes led to the amputation of his right leg just below the knee. He wondered if he could keep up.

When he was about to get his prosthetic leg, someone asked him what he wanted to get back to most. The answer was easy basketball a game he had played most of his 57 years, from the gym at Lansingburgh High to coaching his son Bobby as an adult. He'd signed up for the over-50 league as soon as he turned 50, and he still wears his league championship jackets from 2005 and 2009. After the problem with his leg, he spent a couple seasons watching from the stands, but he knew that couldn't last. When he used to coach Bobby's youth teams, he'd make sure all the kids got a chance to play because he insisted you don't learn anything from the bench.

He needed to get back on the court.

That Saturday morning at the Boys and Girls Club, as he turned the basketball in his hands, he had to figure out the game again. When you've got two good legs, you forget that you can pass a lot farther when you can step into it. You take for granted that most of your shooting power comes from the legs, especially when that leg is the same side as your shooting hand. You goof around with the ball, and you realize you may have to shoot free throws underhand like Rick Barry in order to make it work. But at least you'll be out there.

His wife and daughter teased him about the three hours he spent the previous weekend studying the team he was about to face and strategizing. It would be great to play with those guys again, the same guys he'd tell not to take it easy on him come game time because he'd take advantage.

He's a guy's guy, his wife, Debbie, says. A former machinist at the Watervliet Arsenal who now works as a quality inspector there. When he was told that an ultrasound showed the circulation in his leg wasn't improving and he'd lose it, he asked the physician's assistant if he could keep it after they took it off. Twenty minutes later, he looked at Debbie and cried, but he was soon onto getting back to life, and for him, life included playing sports.

He saw it coming, really. He'd gone from taking pills for high blood sugar, to taking insulin shots and then a loss of circulation meant he'd lose his toe. The doctor had been so matter-of-fact about the future when he lost the toe. His leg would probably be next, he was told, and within a month, it was.

A month and a half after the amputation, Gregware started strength training, scooting himself up the stairs so he could get to the weights in his son's room. He went for outpatient rehabilitation for a day before they sent him home because he didn't need their services.

"He's played sports all his life, and if it's going to happen to somebody, this is what he does," Debbie says, knowing that sports guided him back to moving again. "This is him." It was definitely him she saw out there on that court in that over-50 game Saturday, running as hard as he could in new sneakers, his gate the slightest bit stiff. He didn't try to shoot, but occasionally slipped into his old high school role of point guard and dished the ball off to the teammates.

Debbie shouted from the stands. "All right, Bobby G!"

Gregware's team lost that day. But he played for about half the game and played as hard as he could because you can't learn anything from the bench.

Jennifer Gish, Times Union

Photos from our 2014 Banquet!
Photos taken at the banquet are now in the CSBL Photo Album

CSBL Golf Outing - May27th

The annual CSBL Golf Outing is Tuesday May 27 at the Town of Colonie Golf Course
Click for Full Details!

Al and George - CSBL Veterans

Al Ostrander and George Bartels wearing what is believed to be the first shirts
the Colonie Senior Basketball League gave out!

CSBL's Andy George & Team won at the Buffalo Masters Tournament

On March 14th, 15th, and 16th, Andy George and The Western NY Allstars, participated and decisively won beating 4 teams in the Buffalo Masters Full Court Tournament in the 60 to 64 age bracket. Our undefeated team pictured starting from the front left is Mike Barillo(Syracuse), Ron Killinger(Buffalo), Will Gallagher-Captain,(Rochester/Buffalo), Charlie Vesper(Buffalo), Andy George(Round Top), Clark Coogan(Rochester), Tom Combs(Rochester), Ernie Bellinger(St.Louis), and John Murray(Rochester-not pictured). The young man in the front is Ernie Bellinger's son, "EJ"

CSBL at the Super Bowl Party - Italian/American Club

Who are the 2 people in this picture?
Can anyone recognize the basketball player and official in this picture, taken Dec 6, 1963?
The answer:
as published in the Hoopster, ANGELO TARANTINO (Player) & AL OSTRANDER (Referee)!!!!