Colonie Senior Basketball League

To be eligible for the draft for a League season, all members must be 50 years of age no later than the second Saturday after Labor day in September in the year during which such League season commences. A player who turns 50 after such date shall be eligible, on his 50th birthday, to be a replacement player during such League season. The number of teams, the number of players per team, the number of divisions, the makeup of those divisions and the fee for each year shall be determined by the Board prior to the start of each League season. Payment for the first half season is due on the day of the draft and payment for the second half is due by the date of the first game of the second half of the regular season (for example, if the League plays an eighteen game regular season payment is due by the tenth game).

Article 2:
Games will consist of four 10 minute quarters with one minute between quarters and five minutes between halves. Overtime periods shall be five minutes. Official league shirts must be worn at all times by all players. The League scorekeeper shall keep extra shirts for players who forget their shirts. Captains will collect shirts from replaced players to give to their replacements.

Article 3:
Official games will consist of roster players only. Teams must have at least 4 players to start an official game. A roster player shall be defined as a player assigned to a team by the League, whether by draft, replacement, or otherwise. Each player shall be classified, for replacement purposes, by ability. An "A" player is a player drafted in the first three rounds of the Colonie Division Draft for the current season (or if not drafted, or evaluated as such). A "B" player is a player drafted in the remaining rounds of the Colonie Draft for the current season (or if not drafted, evaluated as such). A "C" player is a player drafted in the first four rounds of the Albany Division draft (or if not drafted, evaluated as such). A "D" player is a player drafted in the remaining rounds of the Albany Division draft for the current season (or if not drafted, evaluated as such.Evaluations shall be based on knowledgeable assessments of a player's ability, at tryouts, or otherwise. Eligibility for play in the League in each season shall be based solely on a player's seniority date, and shall NOT be affected by a season-ending injury or illness. Seniority date shall be defined as the earlier of the date that the player played in his first game, or the date that the player contacted the player agent to request placement on the League waiting list (Provided, however, that a player who has been selected in a draft and has played in a season in which he has been selected shall have priority in a subsequent draft over any person with an earlier seniority date who has never been selected in a draft, and who has not complied with the requirements for draft eligibility. The Board may decline to apply this proviso if it determines that such non-compliance was due to injury or illness. For the purposes of this proviso, a person shall not have complied with the requirements for draft eligibility if he does not attend a tryout, does not pay the required fee or fails to comply with other requirements set forth by the Board). Where a player's seniority dates back to a period of time for which the League does not have records for a contact date, the seniority order for such players shall be determined by age,with the oldest player being the most senior. If an A player needs to be replaced, and no A players are available for replacement, the next available B player shall first be selected. If a B player needs to be replaced and no B players are available for replacement, the next available A player shall first be selected. If a C player needs to be replaced, and no C players are available for replacement, the next available D player shall first be selected. If a D player needs to be replaced and no D players are available for replacement, the next available C player shall first be selected.

Article 4:
Each team will have 4 one minute time outs per game and one 30 second time out per half, with no carryover for an unused 30 second time out from the first half. There will be a 1 minute time out per each overtime. Teams starting with 5 or fewer players will be allowed unlimited 1 minute time outs but must first use their official timeouts. Unlimited time outs must not be used for imminent changes of possession such as when falling out of bounds or to prevent tie-ups when scrambling for a loose ball. If such a timeout is called, the opposing team will be awarded a technical foul shot and possession of the ball. In the event a 6th player arrives, the team will revert back to the official time out rule. If a team starts a game with more than 5 players, and during the course of the game is reduced to 5 or fewer players due to injuries, foul-outs, technical fouls or otherwise, such team will be permitted unlimited time outs.

Article 5:
Each player is allowed 6 personal fouls per game. Technical fouls will be included in the total. The first technical foul will require a mandatory removal from the game of 3 minutes of game clock. A second technical foul, in the same game, mandates ejection from the game and playing area. Two ejections in the season will mandate a review by the Board of Directors with possible disciplinary action up to and including suspension from the league.

Article 6:
If a player is involved in fighting, the incident must be reviewed by the Board of Directors. The player(s) involved may face disciplinary action up to and including suspension from the league. Upon suspension, a player must apply to the Board of Directors for a review of his altercation and reinstatement to the league.

Article 7 :
The league will conduct a draft or drafts prior to the beginning of each season. The goal will be to assemble teams that have parity. During the season the board may, with the advice and consent of the Captains, attempt to obtain parity through trade and/or exchanges. This will only be done in extreme situations. Eligibility for the draft shall be determined by seniority. Seniority shall be determined by seniority date, and shall run uninterrupted from such date so long as a player 1) has not been inactive for more than two consecutive seasons, or 2) has not voluntarily withdrawn from the League. If a player is inactive for more than two consecutive seasons or voluntarily withdraws from the League, his seniority date shall be the date that he reapplies to the League. As the League lacks contact dates for some long term members, the seniority order for such long term members for drafting and replacement purposes shall be determined by age, with the oldest member being the most senior. Each player eligible for the draft shall notify the Commissioner by email, or other written communication, of any games that the player anticipates he will miss due to travel, vacation, work or otherwise.

Article 8:
Cancellation of games due to weather will be decided by 8:00A.M. on Saturday and will be subject to the decision of the South Colonie School District. Captains will be contacted and will call their respective players. If possible, cancelled games will be made up by adjusting the schedule. The Board of Directors will determine the best course of action for adjusting cancelled games due to weather or other conditions. If the games scheduled to be played on any day are cancelled due to snow, unavailability of the school or any other reason, such games are cancelled. Provided, however, the Board may exercise its discretion to have any cancelled game(s) played if such game(s) could have an impact on which team finishes in first place in its division. Any such game(s) will be scheduled after the completion of the regular season. Upon the conclusion of the regular season (including any game(s) played as a result of this rule), if any two teams in a division are tied, the champion shall be determined by a game between those two teams. If more than two teams are tied, a foul-shooting contest shall be conducted, and the top two finishers in such contest shall play a game to determine the champion. The foul-shooting contest shall consist of three players (chosen by each captain) from each team shooting ten shots apiece. The captains shall draw lots to determine the order in which the teams shall shoot. The two teams with the most combined made fouls shots by its three players shall advance to the championship game. In the event that more than two teams tie in the foul-shooting contest, the process will be repeated until the two championship game teams are determined.

Article 9:
Injury/illness---if an injured or ill player is anticipated to miss three or more consecutive games (or if less than three games remain in the regular season, the remainder of such regular season), due to injury or illness, the captain of his team will notify the player agent. The player agent shall contact the next eligible player in the applicable classification. If that player is unavailable, or does not telephone or email the player agent within a reasonable time, as determined by the player agent, to secure a replacement, the player agent shall repeat the process until a player in the applicable classification is secured. The player agent shall personally contact prospective replacement players, unless another person is authorized by the commissioner to do so. Notification of the identity of the replacement player shall be communicated to the captain by the player agent. Captains must notify a player agent of the possibility that a player will be frequently missing games. The Board of Directors will have the prerogative of making decisions for using replacement players for situations not covered by this rule. The operative criteria will be what is fairest and most equitable for the league. For example, if the replacement process would result in the assignment of a player of substantial height and ability to a team at or near the top of the standings that already possesses a player of substantial height and ability, the Board may assign the next eligible player to be the replacement player. Whenever a replacement player is used, the replacement player will be charged a pro rata amount rounded up to the next whole dollar per game up to the amount of the League fee for the season and those charges will be refunded to the replaced player (provided that an injured/ill non-Board member captain shall be refunded one-half the pro rata amount rounded up to the next whole dollar per game up to one-half the amount of the League fee for the season, and an injured/ill Board member shall receive no refund), subject to adjustment for unreturned shirts. An injured or ill player shall be eligible to return to play at any time during the regular season or the playoffs when he is physically able to do so, provided he must sit out a minimum of three games played or forfeited by his team. A player's statement that he is physically able to play shall be presumptive evidence that he is able to return. A captain may request in writing (in a form prescribed by the Board) that the League require a player to produce written medical clearance. A player whose basketball skills have diminished after injury or illness shall not be deemed physically unable to play based solely on such diminished skills. The Board may authorize a team to utilize three or more replacement players for one game if three or more players on a team will miss a game for the same good cause and a forfeit appears imminent. Good cause shall be defined as: 1. serious short term inability to play due to the flu, food poisoning, or similar illnesses; 2. religious holidays; and 3. weddings or other major life events. Multiple absences to attend a basketball tournament shall NOT constitute good cause. Captains shall give the League as much notice as is practicable of t he need to secure replacements. The player agent shall secure replacements in the same manner as set forth above in this Article.

Article 10 :
Captains will be appointed by the Board and will serve at the pleasure of the Board.

Article 11
A replacement player, in order to receive a league award, must hae played in five regular season games with the team that earned the award.

Article 12:
A committee selected by the Commissioner will determine the ranking of the Captains for the draft. The draft will start with the Captain having the lowest ranking and proceed up to the highest ranking Captain and then revert back to the Captain who drafted 1st. The goal of this draft process will be to achieve parity and balance.

Article 13:
Captains will be provided with team shirts with each original roster player receiving a shirt. Replacement players will receive a shirt for the team they are temporarily placed on. When the replacement player's tenure on a team is completed, he must return the shirt to the Captain. This is required because a player may possibly play on more than one team during the season and also because a team may possibly have more than one replacement player during the season. Use of shirts other than the shirts being assigned for the current season will not be allowed in any game without specific approval by a member of the Board of Directors. Players will not be allowed to exchange shirts during a game.

Article 14:
T-Shirts worn under official shirts must match the official shirts, i.e. white for the home team; black or navy blue for away team.

Article 15:
In addition to the rules authorizing the use of replacement players set forth in Article 9, a captain shall request a replacement for a player who 1. misses 2 consecutive games without notifying his captain and who fails to respond to an inquiry to ascertain his status and intentions for future games, or 2. notifies his captain that he will miss 3 or more consecutive regular season games. The player agent shall grant the request if he determines that a replacement player is in the best interest of the competitive balance of the league. A player replaced pursuant to clause 1 shall be ineligible to play during the remainder of the season in which he is replaced. A player replaced pursuant to clause 2, other than a player who gives notice that he will miss 3 or more games due to a voluntary absence not involving hardship, such as winter relocation, shall be eligible to return to play with his team at the end of the period for which he gave notification. A player who misses due to voluntary absence shall not be eligible for return to his team, but shall be eligible to return to play for any team as a replacement player in accordance with League rules governing seniority and ratings.

Replacement players shall tender to the team captain payment for either 3 games or the number of games that the replaced player has notified the captain that he will miss. If such payment is not tendered, the replacement player shall not In that event he shall be returned to the wait list and an alternate replacement player selected. The captain shall deliver the payment to the scorer's table. In the event that the replacement player remains with a team for the number of games that have been prepaid, and the replaced player does not return, it shall be the obligation of the captain to secure additional payment for games that it is anticipated that the replacement player will continue to play. If any players are in arrears for periods prior to the adoption of this Rule, or if they are in arrears after the adoption of this Rule due to failure to enforce it, they will not be allowed to play until payment is tendered.

If a player on the wait list is contacted 2 times, and declines to play as a replacement player, or if the player is unable to be contacted despite 2 attempts by the player agent, he shall be placed at the bottom of the wait list. If after placement at the bottom of the list he is contacted again, and declines to play, or is unable to be contacted he shall be removed from the list.

A replaced player must notify the player agent when he is ready to return to play, and must do so at least three days prior to his team's next scheduled game. The player agent shall notify the captain, and shall also notify the replacement player.

The player agent may delegate his duties under this Rule to a member(s) of a committee designated by the player agent to assist him in evaluating player ability.

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